Google Drive gets an update; pushes out QuickOffice

I took some time over the weekend to try and digest all the awesome news that came out of the Google I/O event last week to find the best nuggets to share with my readers.  One piece that intrigued me the most was the enhancements to Google Drive - a tech tool that is a huge part of my productivity and workflow process.  Here were some of the key takeaways...

Google Drive Gets A Fresh Look

Drive is now two years old and almost 200 million users strong. Given this growth, it is no surprise Google is putting some horsepower behind making it an even better product.  So last week, Google announced a new look and feel to the service and mobile apps.  Here are a couple of the key points:

  • Slightly new, cleaner look (shown in the video below)
  • Faster performance
  • Easier navigation
  • Faster background syncing
  • Keyboard and mouse functionality for selecting files that will be familiar to file management within your computer's operations

These updates should start rolling out to Drive users in the next few weeks, according to Google. On the desktop, you will be prompted to give it a try before converting over completely, and the mobile app should get an update in your app store of choice.

Work with any file, anytime, from anywhere

Docs and Sheets have had separate mobile apps for a couple of months now, but Google has now added a separate app for Slides as well.

Edit Office documents right within Drive!

This is a big one... Have contacts who use Microsoft Office and you need to be able to view and edit their documents when they send them to you? Now you can do all of that in Drive.  It feels like it has taken a long time to get to this point of being able to work with Office in the Drive environment, but regardless, we made it.

Collaboration without commitment

One of the great features of Drive is the able to collaborate with others in real-time on a document, but when you give someone edit rights, it was a pain to keep all the edits in order and revert back to older versions if you wanted to get rid of edits by others. Now Drive lets users submit edit recommendations and you can decide which ones to implement. Great feature.

Business users can now get unlimited Drive storage for $10/month

As the battle for the office worker who needs storage continues between Microsoft, Dropbox, Google, and others, Google took a major step last week in announcing that for just $10 per month per user, you can get unlimited storage.

And finally... Google drops QuickOffice

Google purchased QuickOffice a while ago to help users deal with Office files, so now that Drive utilities can handle Office file functions now, there was no reason for Google to hang onto the product anymore.  Goodbye QuickOffice, it was fun while it lasted.

Lots of great Google Drive updates on their way to help you with your file management and productivity!


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