13 reasons why Squarespace beats Wordpress, Wix, and all other website building tools


A long running debate between bloggers is what hosting platform provider to use, with one of the biggest comparisons being between Wordpress versus Squarespace.  Usually there are some good points for each, but I wanted to provide a clear, in-depth look at why I think Squarespace is the best and should be strongly considered if you are looking to start and website and/or blog.

I have been a Squarespace customer since 2009, and over the course of that time, I have had multiple websites on the platform.  All told, I have had around two dozen websites with Squarespace, so that should tell you something about how much I trust the platform.  To be fair, I have also used Wordpress, mostly for work situations when I couldn’t convince the designers to use Squarespace.  So I have experience in both, but Squarespace wins hands-down for me.  Here are the XXX reasons why.

1. Safe, secure, and hassle-free

With a Squarespace website, I never have to worry about my sites being compromised due to security vulnerabilities.  I don’t have to worry about plugins that have not been updated by developers that might allow hackers to sneak in and do damage.  Squarespace sites are hosted in a controlled environment, using widgets and plugins that Squarespace developers build and manage.  Sure, I might be limited on the plugins I can use in Squarespace, but more on that later.

2. Awesome uptime

My sites are never down and performance is always top-notch.  My sites load quickly and never produce errors.  When there is a problem, it is corrected very quickly without any noticeable impact.  Hats off to the Squarespace engineer team for building an unbelievable infrastructure that has scaled incredibly well over the years.

3. Squarespace plans are affordable

Squarespace has a simple pricing structure.  You can select to have your account billed either monthly or annually (annual option offers a significant discount).  You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, cancel your account at anytime, and you can start with a free trial.  You can even purchase your domain name through Squarespace, so you literally can manage your whole site - from domain to hosting - all in one place.  No hunting around for hosting companies and domain providers like with Wordpress.

4. eCommerce capabilities built right in

You have products you want to sell on your website.  With other sites, you need to purchase special shopping cart tools and mess around with processing payments.  With Squarespace, they have all of eCommerce needs you have built-in to the professional package.  It is amazing how well it works and how seamless it is to implement.  For this reason alone, Squarespace is the platform to pick.

5. The beautiful templates

I don’t know what the current count is up to at this point, but let’s just say there is no issue with finding a template that works for you (or the business you run, if that is your gig).  I have heard that Squarespace is only good for artists and photographers, given the number of templates they have that support those creators, but I wouldn’t squawk at the options available to bloggers and those out to boost their personal brand.

6. Templates not enough? Developer access!

If you are like me, the pre-built templates will be fine, but if you want to get under the hood and make some custom adjustments to the theme, Squarespace lets you do that.

7. Easy to use interface

Building a Squarespace site is super easy. It is all drag-and-drop and entering text in boxes.  But don’t think of Wix type drag-and-drop - Squarespace is much for fluid and easy to make look great and professional.

8. Check your analytics on-the-fly

While I count of Google Analytics to provide my site metric data, I know that not everyone needs that level of complexity. Well, for those interested in the basics, Squarespace has analytics built-in to the platform.  They track various metrics, including: number of visits, device types, sources, browser type, operating system, content metrics, locations of visitors, form and button conversions, site search queries, RSS subscriber counts, search engines queries, and a raw data activity log.

9. SEO friendliness

Squarespace is built in a way that naturally helps you optimize for search engines, so you don’t have to worry about using another tool.  All of the data points you need to provide Google with the goods are predefined and simple to fill out.

10. Integrations with 3rd party tools

For email marketing, I use MailChimp, which Squarespace offers a direct integration with.  Access to utilize Google’s G Suite is built-in.  All the social media tools are built-in, including some unique integrations with Pinterest.

11. Great variety of page types

Building a blog is super easy with Squarespace, but you can also build other types of pages (which do have template options as well), including blank pages, product pages, cover pages, album pages (for music artists), event pages, and gallery pages (great for photographers to showcase their work).

12. Content blocks and widgets galore!

Within each of your Squarespace pages, you have the ability to add a ton of different elements.  Here are some you can access and use to build your webpages:




Quote boxes





Newsletter integration



Search boxes

Tag Clouds

Content Archives


Spacers, Lines, Buttons, and Embed code





























13. The Squarespace Support Team

With any of the Squarespace plans, you get access to a great, helpful support team.  I have had many questions over the years on how to implement various things, and the support team has always been very quick in their responses.  This support team is on top of a very deep FAQ section you have access to, as well.

9 Years and Counting for BobStanke.com

I have trusted my flagship domain, bobstanke.com, with Squarespace for nine years now and I have never looked back.  For all the reasons above, and all the ones that might make a difference for you, I cannot recommend Squarespace enough.  Visit my Partner page to start your free trial today!  If you have any other questions, or need help setting up your next Squarespace site, drop me a note on my Contact page.