4 Steps to Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

For the last few months, I have devoted most of my learning time to studying video marketing. Video is something that I have not done much of in the past, but given some of the statistics Wyzowl released in December 2017 on video marketing, I wanted to get caught up and get in front of the power of video.  So I have been reading books, watching YouTube videos, and listening to video marketing podcasts to strengthen my knowledge base on all things video marketing.

After all that learning, I have laid out the four most important steps to developing a video marketing strategy.

The 4 Big Steps to Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

1. Understand Your Audience... And Yourself

Like any great marketing strategy, knowing your audience, their intentions/goals, and their consumer journey is incredibly important.  Is video part of their research and purchasing path? How are they consuming video?  What video platform are they on the most (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.)?  Does your customer want instructional video content, or entertaining content?  These are important questions to answer, before you even start thinking about hitting the RECORD button.

You know what is also very important when it comes to video?  Understanding yourself.  One of the things that has kept me away from video marketing myself is my level of comfortableness on video.  I feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera, and even behind the camera.  Practice and "just putting yourself out there" will solve that over time, but understanding your personality and how you differentiate yourself on video will help build the foundation of your strategy.

2. Create Your Video Marketing Goals and KPIs

When most marketers think about video marketing, they think about the number of views a video gets.  However, there are several more goals you can set and metrics you can (and should) follow.  Below is a table showing some of these possible goals and KPIs you can consider when setting up your video strategy.


3. Define the Types of Video You Need and What Platforms You Will Be On

The next element you need to build into your video marketing strategy is determining what types of video content you are going to produce and distribution methods.

For starters, you need to determine what type of video you will produce.  The hot trend right now is live video, so if your content strategy can support that, I highly recommend it. Many of the video platforms are putting live content ahead of all other videos, so playing that game is a smart move.  Other video formats you can consider are: VR, 360-degree, and on-demand.

In regards to distribution, I always recommend that your video assets should have a place on your website (a platform you completely control), but luckily there is no shortage of hosting platforms that also aid in distribution and discovery.  Below is a table that shows some of the most popular video hosting services. All these services can host video, but I broke out the ones that support live streaming.


4. Create Video With A "Quantity Over Quality" Mindset

I think the most important lesson I have learned about video marketing is that quantity beats quality every day of the week and twice on Sundays.  That is not to say you should create really crappy quality, but instead not to use perfect quality at the expense of not getting your video content out the door.  Your video consumers are hungry for video content, so it is more important to get your message out.  It is amazing how many apps and tools I have found for smartphones (Android and iOS) that will record, edit, and publish video.  Believe me, your audience cares less about quality, especially as it pertains to live video.  JUST CREATE!

Follow My Video Marketing Strategy From The Beginning

For my personal brand and consulting, I have never built a video marketing strategy... until now. I took the advice I shared with you above and built my own strategy.  So if you are interested in seeing a video marketing strategy come to life from the first seeds being planted, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and see what I am doing and the results I am getting.