Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Topics at CES 2018


CES 2018 takes place this week, and there is no shortage of topics to follow.  This year, I am going pay close attention to three main topics: artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics - each which have numerous conference sessions.

Robotics will be a popular track, given that 2018 is expected to be a year with lots of advancement in how humans and machines interact.

This is not the first time robots have been on the CES show floor, but they're usually more of a novelty than a real product. This year, thanks to all the progress that has been made with artificial intelligence and voice-controlled smart speakers, robots are becoming more and more useful. One area to watch for at CES 2018 will be mobile service robots, which can handle deliveries and other simple tasks.

Companion robots are also on the rise, though we are probably still a few years away from that truly becoming a reality. As smart assistants get refined personalities and get better at natural conversation, they could be a natural fit for robots.  My question is, once companion robots begin to take hold, how long before our interaction with them becomes relationship-based?

Check out all the topics and schedules for artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics discussions and demonstrations on the CES website.