The Data Visualization Society


This morning I signed up to join the Data Visualization Society to add to my growing list of resources for data analysis and visualization knowledge. The DVS’s mission is to “collect and establish best practices and foster community to support its members as they develop their data visualization skills.” That mission aligns perfectly with my goals as they relate to data visualization. As my data analysis skills continue to strengthen, data viz is one of those areas I know I will want to develop in parallel. It is my hope that this group of data visualization professionals will have a lot to offer.

I submitted my information to join, and am still waiting to hear about next steps, but in the meantime, I am already getting a lot out of the site. I have found the Resources section to be hugely beneficial, offering up spreadsheets of meetup groups, events, challenges, books, and much more. The meetup resource has already helped me find the Twin Cities (Data) Visualization Group, which I plan on joining soon.

Once I get accepted to the Data Visualization Society, I am most looking forward to joining the Slack group so I can really start digging into the conversations and learn from the best in the data viz field.

Once I get in and start learning some new things and meeting some new people in the data viz space, I will definitely share the experience here on the blog.


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