Google's "Data Gif Maker" Data Visualization Tool


Have data?  Need a visualization or gif to explain it?  Google recently launched their "Data Gif Maker" tool that can help you create quick and easy data animations that can aid in your data storytelling.  Perfect for journalists. bloggers, and digital marketers, the tool specializes in comparing two competing topics.  The visualizations are formatted to fit all device screen sizes and are easily shareable of social sites.

Here is Google's post on their "The Keyword" blog that talks about the new tool and how to use it. [Make your own data gifs with our new tool via The Keyword blog]

Currently Data Gif Maker is part of the Google News Labs, so hopefully 1) it sticks around and makes it out of the "lab", and 2) the Data Gif Maker product team continues to work on the tool and enhance it further because I am a big fan.