Google Sheets adds machine intelligence to "Explore" tool for instant data visualization

I use Google Sheets every single day.  I use it for analyzing web and social data for my day job as a digital marketer, at night to help me manage my blog and research, and personally to managing my budget and home projects.  Google Sheets is gaining new functionality all the time to complete with Microsoft Excel, and is everywhere I go on my Android mobile devices (smartphone and tablet).  In short, Google Sheets controls and organizes much of my life.

A while back, Google Sheets rolled out the "Explore" tool, which allowed you to get some recommended charts for your data.  It was a great add to Sheets, and I used it on a regular basis.  But now Sheets has up'ed its game by recently introducing advanced functionality of the Explore tool, but giving it machine intelligence.  Now all you have to do is click the "Explore" button on the bottom right-hand corner of your active sheet and you can type a question to have Sheets find the proper chart for you. No formulas, no highlighting cells, no formatting charts.  Ask, in plain language. and Sheets will build what you need.

Have all your spending and family budget in Google Sheets?  now you can simply type, "bar chart of car maintenance spending by month for last three years".  Sheets gives you a chart that shows your auto maintenance spending.  Have web traffic data in Google Sheets?  Simply type, "what are average page views on Fridays". Sheets pulls your data and graphs the results.  Now you get insights faster and with less work.  Incredibly awesome.  Below is a gif the Google Sheets team provided showing the new functionality.


Instant Chart Syncing to Docs and Slides

Another great addition in this update of google Sheets is that if you have a chart located in multiple places besides Sheets, like in a Google Doc or Google Slides presentation, if you make a change to it in Sheets, it will automatically update everywhere else.

Launch Details

All Google Sheets users will get this update, but the Google Sheets team says it will roll out in waves and should be fully available to all users by June 15, 2017.

SOURCE: Visualize data instantly with machine learning in Google Sheets [G Suite Updates Blog]