Make Your Influencer Marketing Program Even Stronger with This Influencer Agreement Template

The last several years have been very interesting (and exciting) in terms of influencer marketing programs. With rich influencer platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube (just to name a few), marketers have being finding ways to reach new audiences with unique messaging. Influencer marketing has its challenges, but can also ignite a fury of attention for your brand and/or product.

One of the most common issues marketing teams deal with is getting their influencer program set-up. Therefore, I have developed an Influencer Marketing Agreement template that can help get your program kick-started and help make getting influencers on-boarded more easily. Check out the Products & Services section to get your Influencer Marketing Agreement template today!

But first, a brief overview of how we got to where we are today with influencer strategies

Marketing teams first got excited about working with mega-influencers who had tremendous reach (in the millions) and influence with their audience. However, marketers found that these big influencers were very expensive in terms of ROI and sometimes difficult to work with.

So the next step was to explore working with micro-influencers; those with anywhere between 25,000-900,000 followers. These influencers seemed more authentic, on top of being eager to work with brands and be compensated for the first time ever for simply doing what they enjoy doing in the first place. While some brands have been successful with micro-influencers, there still is a lot of hand-holding, messaging, and communication that makes the micro-influencer program hard to manage. And frankly, some micro-influencers have started creeping more towards the “difficult to work with” side of the scale.

So marketers took a step back and said, “hey, let’s get super crazy and try working with nano-influencers”; those with anywhere from 1,000-20,000 followers. While reach and return is more difficult with this strategy, brands are able to get super targeted. However, nano-influencers are so new to this idea of helping a brand promote a product or service, there is still a lot of hand-holding required.

The Influencer Marketing Agreement Template

While some brands will still continue to work with the superstar mega-influencers, there is still a huge opportunity to focus on smaller influencers. If your company is just starting to get into influencer marketing, you might not have your entire program set-up, so I want to help you get started.

I have drafted a comprehensive influencer agreement that can be customized to fit your company’s needs. I am not a lawyer, and I don’t even play one on TV, so you will want your legal department to review the final version before you send it off to an influencer. My goal is to simply get your started, especially since most of the legal departments I have worked with are new to the concept of working with any of the tiers of influencers.

The sections I have included in template cover the areas like compensation, use of intellectual property, conflict of interest, termination of agreement, etc. I have also included example influencer requirements and a sample delivery schedule.

Get Your Influencer Marketing Program Started TODAY!

So go grab your copy of the Influencer Marketing Agreement Template today!