Inside the Blog: Traffic sources from January 2009 - September 2017

I am a member of the Problogger group on Facebook, which consists of thousands of bloggers at various levels of experience. There is usually a good amount of questions asked everyday in the community, of which I try and offer answers whenever I can.  Today there was a question about what everyone's biggest blog traffic sources are.  Without looking at my Google Analytics, and recalling from memory, I replied that Google organic search and Google+ are my leading traffic sources from the last eight years.  After replying, I thought it might be interesting to go in and look at the actual numbers.  Here is what I found.

I was correct on Google organic search being my top traffic source.  Looking at my top 24 traffic sources from the last eight years, Google organic search makes up 43% of all sessions.  That is followed by Direct traffic and then Google+.  Those top three traffic sources make up 71% of all sessions to my site.  The complete list of 24 traffic sources is shown below:

The top 24 traffic sources to my website from January 2009 - September 2017.

I pulled some additional data as well to analyze which traffic sources make for the best visitors to my site.  Here are a couple of notable data points:

  • Six of the 24 traffic sources generated more than two pages per session on average, with the highest being Disqus, the blog commenting service I use.
  • Seven of the 24 traffic sources averaged more than two minutes per session (I use two minutes as my benchmark as to what makes up an engaged visit, among other metrics).  The longest visiting traffic source, on average, was from  Back in 2010, I competed in a blog contest on Shoemoney's site, which brought traffic back to my site and had visitors reading a fairly lengthy post I wrote before they could vote for a winner. I made it to the finals of the contest, but did not win.

Google+ will definitely not stay in the top five for very long. Google+ as a traffic source (for my site, anyways) is on the decline, as shown in the graph below:

Google+ traffic is on the decline for my site. The significant drop off in 2016-2017 can most likely be attributed to my year off from blogging.

It will be interesting to see how this report looks again in a year, especially as I ramp up the promotion of my website and blog.