How to manage your website with Google Search Console

Having Google Search Console connected to your website is a great way to understand how Google's algorithm crawls and displays your website for searchers. After you have covered off on six steps to improve your search presence using Google Search Console, it is good to understand how often you should check in on it and what you should be looking for. Here is an overview of how you should manage your website with Google Search Console (GSC).


There is really no reason to log into your Google Search Console account each day. If there is an issue with your site, like if your site is hacked, there are crawl errors, or your site is violating Google's search guidelines, you will get an email from GSC so you can log in and check out what you need to fix. So because of the automated emails you will get if there is a problem, there is no need to login every day.


I do recommend checking out your GSC dashboard at least once a month. It is a good opportunity for you to check on the health of your site, make sure that you aren’t experiencing an increase in errors for your site, and check that you don’t have any unusual dips in your click counts. It is important to remember that things like weekend dips, or dips or spikes over holidays, is normal.

Heavy Content Changes

There may be times when you are diving deep and making a lot of site changes, especially as it relates to content.  GSC's support site offers some suggestions on what to do if you are making a lot of changes to make sure that Google's search crawlers know what to look for, which include:

Adding new content to your site:

Adding new properties:

If you change your site’s domain name:

Removing a page from search results:

Google Search Console is a great tool to have in your digital toolbox. No need to check it daily, but great for a monthly check in or when you are making significant changes to your site.