Modern Portable HIFI ELITE Super 66 Bluetooth Headphones

I have never been an audio quality snob. For the most part, I can typically be found sporting the cheap pair of earbuds that came with whatever smartphone I happen to be rocking at any given time.  As long as I can hear the audio that I am listening to clearly, I am not picky about anything beyond that.  Some of that might be because I listen to mostly podcasts and audiobooks, and very little music. So I don't care much about bass and other audio elements.

When I was putting together my Christmas list this previous holiday season, I decided that I would like a pair of over-the-ear, Beats-like headphones.  However, because I don't care much about audio like some people, I didn't see a reason for anyone in my family to drop $300+ to get me Beats headphones or anything like that.  I just wanted something simple and good.

I did an extensive amount of research to find a pair of over-the-ear headphones that were less than $100.  My search landed me on Modern Portable's website, and to their HIFI ELITE Super 66 Bluetooth Headphones.  Initially I was drawn to the slick look and great reviews, both from individuals on Amazon and tech sites I trust (CNET).  So I dropped them on my list.

Despite some shipping issues, I finally got my hands on a pair for Christmas!  Hands down, for a non-audio-snob guy, I love these headphones. Perfect for a guy like me and right in the price-point I was targeting ($69.99 on Amazon).  Could not be happier.


They are lightweight, fold up nicely, have great bass (I may or may not have jammed out to some 90's hip hop to test that out), Bluetooth is clear and not static-y and you can wire it up as well, and a long battery life (around eight hours for me through the last couple of weeks).  The brushed metal design is super slick looking as well.

I highly recommend these headphones for someone who is similar to me and doesn't care so much about super high quality headphones or is brand sensitive.  Solid headphones.