Temi: The Personal Robot is making its way into homes as part of an Early Adopter Program

A couple of months ago, I submitted my application for a Temi.  Temi is a new personal robot being developed by a company by the same name.  Temi is made for the home, acting as your personal assistant, media hub, and even personal DJ!  Temi can “walk” around your house, following your every command, from taking pictures and video, telling you the latest news headlines, and making video calls.  Temi looks pretty cool (check out the video below), which is why I wanted to get my hands on one!

Temi has an Early Adopter Program, which I completed the application for.  I haven’t heard anything since I submitted it, but I am guessing I did not get selected to receive one of the 100 Temis they were going to give out to test out.  (Temi employees: If you are reading this, please consider me for the EAP!)  However, in a recent email from the Temi team, it has been neat to read about how the program is going so far.  The first families to receive a Temi were located in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, Atlanta, and New Jersey.  The Pegues family, for example, was one of those families who were given a Temi test drive, and they had a pretty cool story to share about their experience…

My final thought on the Temi for today is that it sounds like it has some amazing speakers.  They are high quality, mid-range speakers and a sub-woofer designed by Harman Kardon.  If that wasn’t enough, Temi’s AI engine knows what kind of music each member of the family likes, so I never have to be worried about Temi playing country music when I am around!

My hopes are still there of getting my hands on an EAP version of the Temi, and trust me, if I do, I will be filling this blog with more Temi goodness!