21 Sessions and Events I Am Most Excited About at 2019 Inman Connect in Las Vegas


At the end of July, I will be attending the 2019 Inman Connect conference in Las Vegas.  The week-long conference held at the Aria Resort & Casino will be my first chance since joining Homes for Heroes over a year ago that I will be able to learn from, and network with, agents, brokers, MLS and association leaders, marketers, and technologists in the residential real estate industry.

Having never attended an Inman conference previously, I went out on a little bit of a limb and registered for the All-Access Pass, giving me a full week of workshops, presentations, VIP access, and networking opportunities.  And with over 4,000 individuals expected to attend the event, there will certainly be no shortage of networking opportunities!

I am really excited about attending Inman Connect and have already been planning out everything I want to see and do.  It is also my goal to document and publish as much of my learnings and experiences, right here on my blog.

So given the fact that I have already spent so much time planning out my experience at Inman Connect, I thought it would only be fitting to share all of the things I am most excited for. So here you go…

21 Sessions and Events I Am Most Excited About at Inman Connect

Below are the top 21 things I am most looking forward to at Inman Connect 2019 in Las Vegas.

1. The Marketing THRIVE Workshop

The All-Access conference pass allows me to attend one of three THRIVE Workshops.  These THRIVE workshops are hands-on sessions with tangible takeaways. I will be attending the Marketing focused one which begins on Monday afternoon.  There are three sessions over a two-hour period in the Marketing THRIVE Workshop, with topics including: Branding Masterclass, The Science of Stories that Spark Action, and Creating Unique Customer Experiences on Social Media.  The Branding Masterclass is the one I am most looking forward to because it is going to focus on several things like marketing to agents, consumers, how to do research, brand design best practices, building brand personality, and how to undergo a brand refresh.

2. “WTF? What The Fundamentals.” (Session, Agent Connect Track)

This session is going to focus on the daily measures and best practices a real estate agent should focus on to build their book of business and achieve growth.

3. “Zero Cost Strategies for Maximizing Facebook and Instagram” (Session, Agent Connect Track)

Facebook advertising is a significant piece of our media strategy at Homes for Heroes, as it continues to be the leading horse in the great race of best performing channels.  That said, there is always something to learn when it comes to the world of Facebook and Instagram (especially if it includes the words “zero cost”).

4. “Starting Out When You Don’t Have A Sphere” (Session, Agent Connect Track)

A quick 20-minute session on building reputation and new relationships.  I find this one important for me personally given I am new to the real estate industry.

5. “The Top Tech Trends Impacting Real Estate” (Session, Tech Connect Track)

I am a technologist at the core, so any topics around how tech is shaping or reshaping an industry is a must-attend for me.

6. “How-To in 10: Create a Flash Briefing and Grow Your Reach” (Session, Tech Connect Track)

At Homes for Heroes, we are making big investments in new forms of content (podcasts, live streams, etc.) and I am interested in more ways we can reach our target audiences in homes and automobiles.  I am familiar with Flash Briefings, but really interested to see the quick how-to make them.

7. “How AI Can Make You More Efficient and Get You More Clients” (Session, Tech Connect Track)

Artificial Intelligence is a topic of interest to me in general, so definitely interested in how it plays a role in residential real estate.

8. “How-To in 10: Create Real Estate Videos that Rock” (Session, Tech Connect Track)

As I mentioned briefly already, more video content is in our future at Homes for Heroes (and me personally), so any tips I can pick up on are going to be beneficial!

9. “How-To in 10: Create A Podcast that Gets Listened To” (Session, Tech Connect Track)

Last quarter we launched a new podcast called “REAL Talk with Homes for Heroes” and have plans for several other shows in the near future.  Tips and tricks around podcast production are very welcomed at this point!

10. “How to Increase One’s Presence and Leads Obtained Using Instagram and IGTV” (Session, Learning Lab Track)

I consider Instagram to be a growth opportunity for Homes for Heroes, especially as it pertains to IGTV and our plans for live streaming content, so this is one of the more interesting sessions I am looking forward to.

11. “How I Built My Company” (General Session)

I am very excited to listen to Chieh Huang, CEO of Boxed, talk about how he built his business from a garage to a $600 million online retail operation.

12-20. Thursday’s Entire Marketing Track from 2:00 PM to 4:10 PM

Every single one of the sessions in the Marketing track are absolutely on my must attend list.  I could go into tremendous detail on each one, but I think the titles speak for themselves. The Marketing Track sessions include:

12. “Marketing to the Modern Consumer: What You Need to Know”

13. “Building Your Brand to Last”

14. “3 Ways to Create a Compelling Experience for Your Clients Through Marketing”

15. “Generating Leads on Instagram: Tools, Tips and Hacks For Growing Your Following”

16. “A Fresh Take on Organic Lead Gen and Content Strategy”

17. “Attention & Impact: Building Awareness of Your Brand for $2 A Day”

18. “Squeezing Every Ounce Out of Every Video You Shoot”

19. “Automating Your Marketing: Bots & Emails”

20. “YouTube Secrets for Views and Growth”

21. Cocktails @ Connect and Kick-Off Party

Networking, networking, networking… all while enjoying a full bar and music from DJ LipTrixx all while overlooking the Las Vegas skyline from The Palms Casino Resort. Enough said!

All of this on top of the fact that I am staying at the Aria Resort and really enjoy the Vegas nightlife, which means I am sure I will take a little bit of time to enjoy some great food and a few hands of Blackjack!

Connect and Learn During My Experience at 2019 Inman Connect Las Vegas

I mentioned earlier in this post that I am committing to myself to create as much content as I can around Inman Connect Las Vegas at the end of July.  I will be doing that through a variety of channels, including my blog, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. I hope you give me a follow, and if you are going to be at Inman Connect in Las Vegas in a few weeks, please reach out because I would love to connect with as many people as possible!

Talking Customer Personas on the "REAL Talk with Homes for Heroes" Podcast


Recently I was a guest on the “R.E.A.L. Talk with Homes for Heroes” podcast where I spoke about the importance of developing and using customer personas as a part of marketing operations, and specifically for real estate agents and mortgage lenders.

Customer personas are a great starting point for any marketing operation or campaign. They allow you to create an image of your ideal customer so that you can create high-performing marketing messages that resonate better with your target audience.

In this episode, I walk through what a persona is, examples of data sources you can use to develop personas for your business, and tips for getting started. I have embedded the episode below.

If you enjoyed this episode, I encourage you to check out the entire back catalog of R.E.A.L. Talk episodes either by visiting the R.E.A.L. Talk podcast page or by searching for the podcast in your podcast app of choice. I will be making future appearances on the podcast real soon, including an episode where I will be talking about what I learned at the Inman Connect conference at the end of July.