Partners and Services I Recommend

Below are a list of the some of the top partners I work with and services I recommend.  I am an affiliate for some of these partners, which I indicate with an accompanying link for each service.  I appreciate your support if you choose to purchase one or more of these services.


There is no shortage of options for hosting your website or blog, but for me personally, the choice has been clear since 2009.  For the last nine years, I have trusted Squarespace for my website hosting needs.  The Squarespace platform is easy to use and incredibly reliable.  I don't have to worry about security updates or plugin crashes, and my site is always backed up, safe, and secure.  With a robust content management system and built-in eCommerce engine, Squarespace gives me the ability to launch projects very quickly.  Why hassle with all of the administrative mess of using Wordpress?  Focus on creating and delivering on your goals, and for me, that means trusting Squarespace with my web hosting needs.  Learn more and sign up for your free Squarespace trial.


TubeBuddy is the premier channel management and browser extension tool for YouTube creators.  TubeBuddy has features that help with video management productivity, bulk processing, video SEO, channel and video promotion, data and research, video scheduling, and much more.  I started using the free TubeBuddy Chrome browser extension in October, and it did not take me long to sign-up for the TubeBuddy Pro account.  With TubeBuddy, you work less so you can create more!  Learn more and sign up for your TubeBuddy account.