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CORPORATE Clash! - A Unique Leadership Coaching Experience

We want your team to play games! In fact, we think getting your employees gaming together will help your business reach new levels. This is our flagship coaching program, bringing to you and your company an experience no other business consulting service offers. Using the popular mobile game Clash of Clans as the platform, Bob Stanke, a Level 141 Clash of Clans expert player, will guide your team through gaming exercises that will strengthen their skills in areas such as teamwork, communication, leadership, strategic planning, resource management, and budgeting. Individual team members will learn how to build and execute their work using gaming analogies in Clash of Clans, and then come together as a team to fight battles no different than your company’s fight for market share!


1 UP Consulting

We believe keeping score is important. That is why we built a program specific to setting goals, shooting for checkpoints (also known as “milestones” for you corporate folks!), and tallying up the points at the end. We will help you gamify your business! This service adds an element of gamification to your operation in order to effectively get employees engaged in their work and focused on nailing those achievements. With an emphasis on process improvement and productivity, we help your company build a platform that is focused on getting the right goals and metrics in place so you can beat the boss level


Marketing Respawn

Has Bowser thrown a banana peel in front of your marketing operations kart, spinning it off track? Our marketing consultants help your team get back on track by evaluating areas of opportunity around content strategy, channel optimization, paid media, social media, lead generation, and email marketing.