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"Want to see the future? Follow Bob on Twitter, read his blog, or grab a cup of coffee with him... More than anyone I know, Bob has an out-of-this-world ability to see around corners and anticipate how technology will move forward. He's an engaging speaker and a thoughtful colleague. You'd be wise to be in his orbit." -Justin Piehowski, Marketing Technology Consultant

"Bob's professionalism is unmatched. His attention to detail, hard work ethic and desire to go above and beyond for his clients really set him apart from the competition. I've know Bob for most of my life on a personal level, and can confidently say that any person, or company, would be lucky to work with him." -Joe Turba, Senior Account Executive

"Bob is a great person to work with. He is a hard worker, and is dedicated to complete projects accurately and on time. The best thing about Bob is the enthusiasm he brings to the workplace. It makes working along side him a pleasure!" -Erin Wubben, Financial Representative

“From my experience working with Bob, he inspires and provides a sense of belonging with his employees, as well as a strong sense of purpose and direction. He encourages outward thinking, experimentation, even failure, if it means we were trying something new and innovative. I was shown a leadership style that valued my own personal growth, as well as the growth of my career. Team culture always sat above all else, ensuring his employees were focused on providing a work environment built to sustain relationships and team building.” -Sam Flood, Senior Web Developer

“One of the main reasons that I consistently tell people that Bob is the best manager I’ve ever had is his ability for find the right balance between being hands off enough to make me feel like I owned a project and had the autonomy to make decisions, knowing he would have my back, versus him taking the time to teach me or lead me when I did need some help in understanding a concept, goal or strategy for whatever campaign or platform we were working on. Bob really made me feel like a valuable part of a team with everyone pushing in the same direction. He was great at providing the vision for where he wanted to go while coaching and trusting the members of his team to get there.” -Nick Miller, Senior Digital Strategist

“Bob’s leadership has been transformational for my career. While under his direction, not only has our team achieved every quarterly goal, I have experienced exponential personal and professional growth. Bob continually challenges me to explore and learn new things. This encouragement has given me a whole new level of confidence that transcends across all aspects of my life.” -Seth Jeska-Silrum, Paid Media and Digital Content Specialist

“Bob led our digital media team in a way that allowed us to become friends and, as a result, better co-workers. He is genuine, he is a realistic but willing to dream big, and he is as forward thinking in the digital media field as anyone I’ve met. Bob makes his workers better because of the belief he has in them and the knowledge he provides them. I strongly feel I am a better working professional because I worked for Bob.” -Mark Remme, Content Strategist