Bob Stanke Consulting provides business strategy and productivity coaching for small to mid-sized organizations, teams, executives, and high-potential employees, using a complete set of tools and processes to align and synchronize all the pieces of your business and work to produce the results you want.

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Presentation Skills

3 Elements Every Presentation Should Include

Delivering a presentation, whether it is to a small group at work or in front of a large audience at a conference, can be stressful. Here are three key elements you should include to deliver a great presentation!

Marketing Strategy

Bob Stanke to present at Homes for Heroes Success Camp 2019 Nashville

On April 4, 2019, I will be presenting at the Homes for Heroes Success Camp 2019 event in Nashville, Tennessee. I will be speaking about marketing strategies for the real estate industry, and specifically on how real estate agents and lenders can connect with heroes in their community. Read more —>


Performance Blocks: Add these time blocks in your calendar today!

Set your week up for success by building in Performance Blocks on your calendar. Performance Time Blocking assures you will make time for the most important items you need to get done to consider the week a success!