4 Steps to Building a Video Marketing Strategy

Not doing video?  Then you need to get started now.  While adding video content into your digital marketing mix might sound scary, as long as you follow some basic steps, you will have a solid strategy to drive a successful execution.

Squarespace Beats Wordpress. This is why.

I have been a Squarespace customer since 2009.  I know Wordpress is the love child of the web and bloggers, but Square offers so much that is often overlooked. From security to templates to built in commerce, here are 13 reasons Squarespace wins.

3 Business Books I Read Every Year

There are three books I take the time to read every year because the lessons they teach warrant the time to relearn them.  This year I will take the time to highlight all the books I read, offer my thoughts, and weigh in on which ones are worth your time.